manerManer Sharif is a small town located 25 kilometers (16 mi) west of Patna on NH 30, in Bihar state, India. Maner Sharif shelters two very popular Muslim tombs: One of the tomb is of Sufi saint Makhdoom Yahya Maneri, known as the Bari Dargah (the great shrine). The other one is of Makhdum Shah Daulat, popularly called Chhoti Dargah (the small shrine).
Makhdoom Shah Daulat died in Maner Sharif in 1608 and Ibrahim Khan, Governor of Bihar, built a mausoleum to him that was completed in 1616. There is a big dome on the top whose ceiling is full of different markings depicted from the Quran. In the mediaeval time, Maner Sharif used to be the principal site of learning and knowledge in the region. It also houses a mosque constructed by Ibrahim Khan in 1619.