The cuisine of Bihar is as diverse and incredible as the state of Bihar. Bihari delicacies are rich in taste and good for health. As the dishes originate from the prevalent culture, Bihari cuisine makes sure that you stay healthy and enjoy good taste.The cuisine of Bihar tells us much about its rich history, geography, economical status, and culture of Bihar. You can very well witness as to how the food habits evolved as far as the history of Bihar is concerned. The different cultures of the various regimes that have ruled over Bihar from time to time have left a beautiful mark on the cuisines of Bihar and the food habits of Biharis.
Bihar is the land of Lord Buddha and therefore there has been a great impact of his essence on our cuisine. However, the food habits of Bihar do not lean only towards vegetarian food, people in Bihar are also fond of non-vegetarian dishes. Therefore, what we find is the mix of both the streams of food, vegetarian and non-vegetarian.The staple diet of Bihar constitutes wheat and rice. In addition, vegetables are in abundance and cooked in a variety of ways. If one talks about the regular Bihar meal, it consists of dal, bhat, rice, tarkari and achaar. However, the menu changes with the seasons. Bihar witnesses four seasons every year.One of the very famous dishes is sattu (powdered gram), which is drank and eaten in the form of ‘litti’ and is considerably the most famous dish among Biharis and others who visit Bihar.