Bihar has a very old tradition of folk singing, sung during important family occasions, such as marriage, birth ceremonies, festivals, etc. The songs are usually sung by groups without the accompaniment of musical instruments, although Dholak, Bansuri and, occasionally, Tabla and Harmonium are sometimes used. The most famous folk singer has been Padma Shri Sharda Sinha. Bihar also has a tradition of lively Holi songs known as Phaguwa, filled with fun rhythms.

Dance forms of Bihar are another expression of rich traditions and ethnic identity. There are many folk dance forms that can keep one enthralled, such as Dhobi Nach (nach meaning dance), Jhumarnach, Manjhi, Gondnach, Jitiyanach, More Morni, Dom-Domin, Bhuiababa, Rah Baba, Kathghorwa Nach, Jat Jatin, Launda Nach, Bamar Nach, Jharni, Jhijhia, Natua Nach, Nat-Natin, Bidapad Nach, Sohrai Nach, and Gond Nach.

Theatre is another form in which the Bihari culture expresses itself. Some forms of theatre with rich traditions are Bidesia, Reshma-Chuharmal, Bihula-Bisahari, Bahura-Gorin, Raja Salhesh, Sama Chakeva, and Dom Kach. These theatre forms originate in the Anga region of Bihar.