India has been at forefront when it comes to celebrating fairs and festivals at large. Bihar is not an exception to the rich tradition of fairs and festivities even. Since time immemorial, Bihar boasts several fairs and festivals. The relevance of these fairs or festivals is purely to let people closer, enjoy, and forget their differences. This is what fairs and festivals are all about. One of the other benefits of the festivals is that they break the monotonous patterns of our day-to-day lives. This is what gives them much more significance not only in India but also throughout the world.
Festivals always break the monotony of day-to-day life and inspire us to promote love and goodwill and to work for the betterment of the society. Bihar as a part of this ancient land is no exception and has a long list of celebrations.Some of the prominent festivals of Bihar are Chatth Puja, Ramnavmi, Makar Sakranti, Sama-Chakeva, Bihula, Madhushravani, and others.
The most famous festival of Bihar is Chat Puja. Sun is equivalent to God according to the belief prevalent in almost all parts of India, but the way of worshipping it in Bihar is unique. The uniqueness of Chatth Puja lies in the fact that it is the only occasion where the worshiping of the setting sun takes place.
Sama-Chakeva is yet another in the list of festivals of Bihar where colourful birds migrating from the Himalayas during the winter season are greeted with immense celebrations in all the regions of Bihar. It is just awesome to witness the girls making clay idols of various birds and decorating them in their own traditional ways while participating in the festival.There is yet another festival famous in the vicinities of Bihar known by the name of Nag Panchmi. In this particular festival people can be witnessed appeasing the snake as it is believed that serpent worshipping discards the evil and combats the dangers from them.In fact the festivals of Bihar are celebrated all round the year. They are:

** Sarhul — Chait

** Holi — Fagun

** Mahavir Jayanti — Vaisakh

** Buddha Jayanti — Vaisakh

** Deogarh Pilgrimage — Shawan

** Nag Panchmi — Shawan

** Pitrapaksh Mela — Bhado

** Sonepur Cattle Fair — Kartik

** Deepavali — Kartik

** Chaath — Kartik

** Deo Deepavali — Aghahan

** Rakhi Purnamasi — Shrawan

** Shiv Ratri — Fagun